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Extreme Communicators

Being a nationwide fixture installer, communication is paramount. We reply to emails, phone calls and texts within minutes. This helps jobs run smoother for our clients and their customers.

Our Services
  • Fixture Installation

  • National Roll Outs

  • Kiosk Relocations

  • ​Maintenance Programs

  • Approved Repairs

  • Emergency Calls​

  • Quebec [CCQ RBQ ] Certified

Union & Non-Union

With the different work environments that exist Nationally, we have a variety of Certified Union and Non-Union contractors to help get jobs done on time and to our clients satisfaction. 

Why Us?


We deliver customized Nationwide project and surrogacy services, managing full roll outs, or one-off emergency repairs, exclusively for our Fixture Manufacturer, National Service Provider and Retail Activator clients, through local teams nationally.


We provide Canadian fixture installation and related services through 100+ local partner firms with 500+ qualified labourers. From Coast-To-Coast-To-Coast we have been installing at retail for over 25 years. We are a boutique firm, specializing in extreme communications, for a small set of strategic clients.


We project manage every aspect of your job. From consolidation of product from multiple vendors, to delivery and installation of a complete program. We provide online reporting of scheduling with status updates of projects.


Our firm trains in-house specialists to your program’s standards to eliminate mistakes. We provide field verification services and digital photographs of completed installations.






Year In Business
Partner Organizations
Local Trade Professionals
Municipalities Served




Express ShopFitters Inc.
dba ShopFit Express (ShopFit)
2601 Matheson Blvd East Mississauga, ON, Canada L4W 5A5
Main Office
T: +1 905-567-8910 / +1 866-863-9773
F: +1 905-567-3344 / +1 877-529-5685
Information & Bids
Ray Bakker, Managing Partner
C: 877 800-7843 / 416 662-3102
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Do you wish to become part of our growing Canadian Network?

Send your expression of interest to us. ​​We will require your work history, your direct area of service, price guidance, related certifications, current WSIB clearance certificate, and a copy of your insurance policy cover page.

I look forward to talking at your convenience.


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